Day 27: Another Fridge is here!

Those who’ve been reading previous Cake Palace blogs should know by now that Cake Palace has two main selling points. One is the wholesale shop and the second is a retail shop. However, other products are supplied to our customers door steps. The main reason for adding a retail shop was to serve a customer group that the wholesale shop does not satisfy. It is few weeks so far since the retail shop was established, and it is performing quite well. Unlike the wholesale shop, that mainly supplies business people, retail shop serves the consumers. As such, more decorations and customer care are invested in the retail shop. Fridges, too, are critical for the retail shop performance.

The retail shop is designed to be a relaxing point where people should long for during a break at work. Thus, it is always packed with all possible confectionery products, and soft drinks. Though it is a take-away shop, it has an eight-people eating space for customers.

Just a few weeks of operating the retail shop, extra demands started becoming prevalent. I realized that I needed to serve drinks beyond coke and fanta. We needed to serve a wide range of chilled drinks, including water, juice and milk. However, that meant that we needed an extra fridge. At some point, we would be tempted to use the coke fridge for all types of drinks, but it is illegal, per our contract, and could lead to seizure of the only fridge we had, coke fridge. This is so because we paid nothing for the fridge (and we are glad we didn’t😊). The fridge is provided by coca cola company as a means of promoting their own drinks. Thus, they have the power to detect what their fridge should be used for, and they have the power to seize the fridge when the intended will is not being fulfilled. If we were determined to grow our services, we needed to find another fridge.

Fortunately, we had an old fridge that was abandoned, but stored, for years because it had broken down. That was time to fix it, or else, we were supposed to buy one. Fixing the fridge was far cheaper than buy one, so we started saving profits for repair. After some weeks of saving, we took the fridge for repairing, and today, the fridge has come back like a new one. It is functioning without hesitations. This is a big base to allow us make the best business out of the upcoming Christmas and new year festivals

The picture shows the design of the repaired fridge
The fridge on the right side is the new fridge.

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