Day 28: Making the perfect Snack Packs for social events

Cake Palace major sales go to shops and small scale consuming customers. However, as end of year festivals are approaching, we have to add one more group of customers. The new customers should be the ones who are hosting social events, and need snack packs.

Cake Palace already bakes cakes for social gatherings, like birthdays and small weddings. However, if we consistently add event snack packs to our products, we could explore another sphere of customers. There are a lot of events hosted in the city of Lilongwe, and at the end of year, the festivals increase drastically. During events, well packed snacks for the general audience are usually needed. While this task is carried out by the ceremony organizers, we could take away that stress from them by making them a variety of snack packs depending on their monetary budget.

A standard snack packs contains a chicken drumstick, a samosa, and a cup cake. In terms of cost, the whole pack is worth MK400 ($0.55). If they need special cakes, other confectionery products could be added, and the price will increase in proportion to the additional products.

The marketing spot around social events, has existed for a number of years, but we want to expand it and advertise it. Some of the common events that we’ve prepared packs for are weddings and birthday parties. On average, event customers buy 300 packs and one big cake. Encouragingly, feedback from them has always been positive. It is not surprising because our products always have a unique feel. Our cup cakes, for example, are baked from our own recipes. Our samosa, too, have a different make up from the common ones.

If there’s one reason we are going to hastening our legal papers, is to start advertising our event snack packs aggressively.

One Standard Pack contains a chicken drumstick, a cup cake, and a samosa. These packs were packed for a wedding ceremony

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