Day 34: Cake Palace supports other small scale entrepreneurs

Cake Palace Retail shop sales bakery products from the internal bakery and other external products. As a bakery shop, bread compliments are one of the best selling external products we sell. Surprisingly, we discovered that some of the bread compliments, peanut butter, to be specific, is sometimes produced by small scale entrepreneurs. I am glad that Cake Palace can be one of their clients.

One of them advertised his products to me in the early days of the shop’s existence. I purchased a few of them, two 500 gram bottles and one 1000 gram bottle, as a trial. They took a week to sell, which was longer than I expected. The next time he came, I purchased 5 bottles, some 1000 grams while some were 500 gram. They also took the same length. However, the fact that the butter takes more than a year to expire, and the shop has enough space to keep them, I found no reason to stop. I kept purchasing his products.

A month later, his products have started to consistently sell in Cake Palace shop. Although not in big numbers, the retail shop is a consistent client for him every week.

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