Day 33: Retail Shop turns independent!

The Retail shop has been running as a baby of the bakery ever since it started operating. In fact, it had added one more employee salary to total bakery expenditure. But gradually, it is developing into a partner of the bakery than a mere outlet.

The Retail Shop makes slightly more than MK300,000 ($411) per month, but it has only one employee and two fridges. That said, it has added a great value to Cake Palace, without adding much back-end operations. Although, at some point, security of products and money was not there, improvements in how we compile records has made us stable. After sensing stability, we felt it right to let the retail shop run independently, but, with supervision from one of the managers.

The supervising manager, Lovemore, compiles all records about products sold, products purchased, and total sales made from products. As usual, he does the whole process of recording on google sheets, and ends the day by paying off money to the bakery for bakery products retailed during the day.

The following day, he uses that money to order for new products. If there is no need for new products, or if some money remains after purchasing wholesale products, he deposits the money in his bank account. Currently, we are using his bank account as the retail shop’s bank account.

Most profound, for me, is that there is no monetary dependence of the retail shop on the bakery. At this stage, if we create a more secure system of inspecting records, it is possible to open numerous branches of retail shops. Retail marketing, especially in town, is very profitable, while not involving much staff, or back-end processes.

Lastly, Austin, the staff in the retail shop has been cooperative for the success of the retail shop, too. However, he is still a student, so, in a year or two, he will leave for school. As such, we should start thinking about creating a better system that an average high school person can be able to understand and operate, while also making the system secure enough. That has made us think about working with receipt printers in the near future.

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