Day 25: Exchanging Staff for better Performance

Performance of a start-up business is highly dependent on the staff operating on the front end.

‘Front end roles’, that is, roles that involve direct communication with customers and suppliers are very critical to the operation of Cake Palace. As such, we always look for special personality in our front-end staff, in order to maintain our customers. Furthermore, we look for a person who can operate a smart phone or a computer to report sales record. One of those ‘front end roles’ is a sales person. Some of the characteristics we look for in a salesperson are hygiene consciousness, emotional intelligence, and willingness to learn.

For a month of my presence at the retail shop, the salesperson of Cake Palace’s retail shop has been Grace. She fits exactly in the personalities we look for. In fact, she is also communicative. Whenever there is a deficiency of some products in the shop, she always sends the message to anyone responsible for wholesale purchases. Furthermore, she is friendly to everyone. However, we are moving her from the retail shop.

Although she is the best salesperson we can have, it has been very difficult for us to sink her working time with the retail shop’s operation hours. Her contract is to work from 6:00 am to 5:30 pm, while the retail shop needs a sales person to be there from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. She would, probably, be willing to adjust the contract, however, availability of public transportation, for her to return home, after 8:00 pm is not guaranteed. Furthermore, it is not safe for her to walk from the bus station to her home that late. Unless Cake Palace had a means to transport her straight to her home, there is no way she can change the contract. As such, we had to switch her with a young man, Austin, who stays with my family.

Austin is also a young person who is willing to learn and also displays good demeanor when communicating to people. He can be the right person to represent Cake Palace to our customers. Furthermore, Austin’s presence in the retail shop will allow Cake Palace easily make sales records, since he is fully available.

As for Grace, she has been moved to the wholesale shop. There she helps the sales person organize products. However, we hope we shall involve her in a computerized role. Cake Palace is very raw with organizing business records, thus, we need to starting taking advantage of our staff that are capable of operating a computer.

All in all, we hope the switch of these two staff will make Cake Palace Retail shop operate better. I have worked with Austin in the retail shop for a week, he looked capable of making things better.

Austin is on the left, looking at a phone. The one on the right is me

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