Day 23: Cake Palace Reports Progressing in my Absence!

Cake Palace has been using young members to compile accurate expenditure reports on google sheets. Specifically, the young people that should be doing the job are Lovemore, Pascal, and Austin. Though not all of them have shown seriousness in compiling these reports, there’s hope that the reports shall be collectively collected in my absence. By themselves, they have been compiling the reports for a number of days now.

I have not been working with them for sometimes, just to test how well they can work by themselves. Progressively, I have seen how some of them have developed interest in using the google sheets. Austin, particularly, has been recording continuously, and has added more features to the google sheet. He added new colors to the report sheet, and added a section for suppliers. These features have made the expenditure report more accurate and useful, as it is easy to read and includes one more crucial purchase detail, suppliers. Unfortunately, he got sick yesterday, so Pascal or Lovemore, had step up.

It is today that I realized that Pascal and Lovemore have not been active with recording expenditure transactions. While Austin is sick, Pascal had to compile the expenditure report. Due to his passiveness on google sheets, he made so many errors, including putting a wrong date for the report. However, after advising him that his contribution, to compiling reports, is crucial to Cake Palace’s performance, and his own personal academic experience, he went back to getting his report perfect.

I hope today marks the beginning of his seriousness in compiling reports. It is these reports that can help Cake Palace tell its progress, calculate tax, and keep detail of its suppliers.

A Google Sheet filled by Pascal Alone. The color variations and a slot for suppliers were designed by Austin.

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