Day 22: Officially Handing Over my Role of Recording Daily Expenditures to younger CP Staff

After two sessions of learning how to use google sheets, three young members of Cake Palace did the recording by themselves. I was there to just supervise.

Lovemore, Pascal, and Austin have been learning how to record Cake Palace daily expenditures on google sheets. I had two sessions with them to teach them how to record expenditures on google sheets. Today, as the last day of the learning sessions, I organized a practice scenario for them. Thus, after all the daily purchases, I advised them to keep the receipts. And then in evening, they entered the expenditure records in a google sheet by themselves. While we have the Sheets app on our phones, Lovemore did the expenditure recordings using his own phone, while Pascal and Austin used the office Desktop.

They seem ready to take the task. I have also emphasized to them how their responsibility shall have a direct impact on the performance of Cake Palace. Because, Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) shall use these details to predict tax to be paid by Cake Palace. Inaccuracy or absence of these records could lead to a penalty by MRA or withholding an MRA Certificate.

Based on my observation, I am sure that they shall take the records accurately. They are cooperative, and they have all necessary requirements at their exposure. Lastly, they need computer skills for their future academic performance, as such, they any computer skill as an academic arsenal for them.

Image of Google Sheet below:

Google Sheet done by Lovemore, Pascal, and Austin

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