Day 21: Another Temporal Staff in Cake Palace

Today, Cake Palace presents Pascal!

Pascal is a secondary school student doing form 3 at St Johns Secondary School. Pascal, 16 years old, is third born in Mwambo family. He is best at organizing finances.

Though introduced today, Pascal has been working for than two weeks.  He has added flexibility of my availability at the bakery. He is very organised and easy to teach. Furthermore, he is very honesty with money, and always ready to sacrifice his time. Pascal will be with us for 3 more weeks.

Pascal’s many role is selling products. However, with the new role of recording Cake Palace’s operations on Google Sheets, Pascal will be more of a ‘secretary’. He is generally organised and consistent in character. He is the best person to manage all records on Google Sheets. However, as many people as a possible should be in a position to edit the Google Sheets. I am trying to open the role of recording operations to as many people as possible because, Pascal will not be there for long. Thus, there should be someone to continue. Furthermore, I am trying to get mum into the business of using Google Sheets constantly.

It is a challenge to train Pascal and his peers how to use Google Sheets, because, they never used excel before. But the good side is, we have a computer and a WiFi router in our office. Thus, they have all opportunities necessary for them to learn how to use Google Sheets. In addition, this role, of utilizing Google Sheets to keep records, shall help them in their academic careers and other future careers that they shall endeavor. Thus, I am encouraging them to have interest in it.

I looking forward to a time when all records shall be on cloud, and utilized to run and predict Cake Palace operations.

Pascal Mwambo


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