Day 17: A New Mixer Is Needed

Cake Palace has been overworking its small mixers in the past 6 months.

It all started when demand for our doughnuts increased. Since then, Cake Palace has done very little to increase machinery, or increase human labor. Unfortunately, machinery is costly to purchase, and no new workers should be added without adding machinery. As such, a mixer (meant for a 10 liters dough) has been used day and night. It only rest on Sunday for 18 hours. Since it is small, it keeps mixing continuously all products of the bakery. On the other hand, if the mixer was big (50 liters – 100 liters dough), we would mix a very big dough of doughnuts and leave it resting as we bake and fry the dough. Time interval of mixing two products would be reduced so much.

Unlike small mixers, big mixers have time to rest – which contributes to longevity of the mixer. Furthermore, big mixers make so much dough, which gives us an opportunity to bake as much as possible. Last but not least, big mixer have very tough materials that enable them to work for years. As for the small mixers, like the one we have, it develops technical faults approximately every two weeks. And we always have to replace motor materials with new ones. On the flip, big mixers have big and tough materials that will easily handle all our products’ dough.

My father actually made an effort for us to purchase a big mixer. He had traveled all the way to South Africa to get one. Unfortunately, after his 48 hour-ride one a public bus, he finds the big mixers out of stock. To avoid coming back with nothing, he carried a small mixer with him (slightly bigger, but slower than the one we already have). The new small mixer hasn’t brought any significant¬†changes. Mixers are still working non-stop. Thus, Cake Palace has concluded that my father will have to go back, and exchange for another one.

All those transportation costs were supposed to be saved. However, in search for a mixer, we have to invest so much time and money. We hope that this time around he comes back with a mixer that can carry 100 liters of dough.

Below: The Small Mixer that overworks

Small Mixer at Work

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