Day 19: Happy Birthday Promise!

Today was Promise’s Birthday!

Although we do not display birthday cakes, people around Cake Palace know that we make birthday cakes. And today, a neighbor asked us to make a surprise for his son, a birthday Cake. Unfortunately, our confectionery caterer fell ill. As such, my mum had to bake it. She made the cake dough in a mixer, and then baked it in the oven. After that, she dissolved some cream. When the dough was ready, and the cream ready, she started designing.

Admiring the art of designing, I requested my mum to allow me design. I then took a ‘Cake Pencil’ (a plastic with cream inside), and then I wrote ‘Birthday Promise’ (mum wrote ‘HAPPY’), and then I added a smiling face above ‘HAPPY’. As for the blue part, it’s mum who did all the decorations at the edges of the cake.

If we can start displaying this type of products, we will notify our customers about our abilities to make these type of cakes. That way, we shall widen our market, even more during the festival seasons, like Christmas and New-year weeks.

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