Day 18: New Staff is in!

Today, I would like to present a new member of Cake Palace. He has completed his secondary school this year from Maranatha Secondary School. He has been a close friend of my young brother, Lovemore, since the start of their form 4 (final year of secondary school). They are friends of benefit as they have been working together to create grades that fly with colors. Thus, today, I feel privileged to present Mr Austin Blessings.

Austin demonstrates himself as a fitting piece in Cake Palace in vivid and various ways. Firstly, Austin is an outspoken individual. Business environments are populated with characters that care about their personal win, without considering other parties. In such scenarios, it is risk to operate with someone who assumes people comprehend business issues implicitly. In other words, a business person in Cake Palace needs to be one who wants to be explicit at all times. Furthermore, our business person should share his/her feelings about anything easily. That helps us, Mwambo family (managers), know what to adjust in our operation system, and when addressing our customers, that helps them empathize with us where needed. Just as what we need, Austin is an outspoken and a generally happy individual. For example, for Lovemore to recommend him to Cake Palace, Austin shared his personal plan of working during the gap year prior to college with Lovemore while he had no idea of Cake Palace.

Secondly, Austin is a fighter. Just to brief his recent 3 years; Austin has rewritten his national secondary school leaving exams (MSCE). The first time he wrote exams, he had 19 points (above average pass). Unlike his classmates who chose to start looking for various careers with their average grades, he chose to go back to secondary school. And during his rewriting academic year, he has maintained his grade at the apex of a pass, 7 points. In fact, Maranatha Secondary School and he himself are expecting him to get an excellent grade this year, like the one he has been maintaining. He hopes to study in an international university. Through a fighter’s spirit, Austin has also turned out a leader.

Austin always wants to get things on the appropriate, even if his environment is not comfortable with that. He always wants to stay strict with what is required in his environment. That way, he has always turned out a leader of his peers. One of his big secondary school accomplishments is that he was the head boy at Maranatha Seconday School during his final year of Secondary School (2017). Naturally, I am sure that he is going changing all the members of Cake Palace. When a person with a leadership spirit is in an environment, everyone gets on their toes and perform with commitment, joy, and cooperation. We hope Austin brings that to Cake Palace.

Finally, Austin is always hungry for knowledge. A businessman should always be ready to adapt to different systems that run the business world. That said, a businessman is expected to be curious of how various operations are operated in the corporate world and how they can apply in a small scale scenario. Thus, Austin fits well in Cake Palace, since we need minds that are able to learn and innovate effective means of operating various tasks at a small scale level.

Austin has demonstrated his hunger for knowledge, and his ability to innovate, during his secondary years. For example, a secondary school student in Malawi is not expected to learn computer studies, but he took computer studies, optionally, during his final year in secondary school. Currently, Cake Palace has scheduled sessions during the following week for me to teach him secretariat tasks that Cake Palace has established.

The advent of a young mind, like Austin’s, in Cake Palace gives me hope about Cake Palace’s long term operation. Overtime, we need technology to take root in every operation of Cake Palace. And it is mostly young people who have curiosity for technology, and innovate thinking to exploit the potential of technology in Cake Palace. Thus, I hope that the advent of Austin is the growth of Cake Palace in technology.


Ausie                                                             Austin, at the center of the image, during his final secondary school year at Maranatha.

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