Day 16: A Router in Cake Palace!

One of the main strategies of bringing proper management to Cake Palace is making internet connections at Cake Palace consistently available. Internet will help Cake Palace access an enormous pool of information and privileges. Thus we have bought a router, and subscribed for one month of internet access. Gradually, we are bringing our visions to reality.

I have been sharing my plans of compiling all business records online so that the records should never get lost, and that they should be accessible from, probably, anywhere in the world. That shall allow me to work with Cake Palace during my academic year in Ashesi University (Ghana), 6,868.2 km from Cake Palace.

Not only about distances, consistent internet connections shall allow us to do safe monetary transactions at any time. After consistent internet availability, I will make sure that our next step is to open online bank accounts. In so doing, Cake Palace bank accounts, that keep money through progressive depositing (probably over a year), shall be used to for big monetary transactions without withdrawing any money. All we shall be doing is transferring our savings to other accounts, for instance, when buying a machine from a shop in town. Thus, increasing security, saving time, and reducing human errors (through miscounting money). And those visions are looking more vivid after we have bought a router.

Lovemore, my young brother, and I bought the router from Globe Malawi Internet Ltd, at Crossroads, in Lilongwe. We also subscribed for one month. Thus, in this month of subscription, we have 12 GBs to use and also unlimited access to internet between 6:00 am and 7:00 pm. This month, we also have unlimited internet access during weekends.

I hope we have set a foundation brick for a secure and a less demanding way of managing Cake Palace. I hope this is the beginning of designing a management strategy that can allow Cake Palace to cover large scale operations with ease. Starting from production level, security level, communication, and selling products without stress.


The router at work: wifiii

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