Day 14: Holidays!

Starting from today, all my siblings will be home!

My immediate young brother, Lovemore, has just completed his secondary school, after writing national leaving exams. In addition, my other two siblings, after Lovemore and before the last born, are in their secondary school summer vacation. And lastly, the last born, aged 5, is in her primary school summer vacation. Home is now dreamland!

Minus the last born, the presence of my siblings is a great work force for Cake Palace. They usually do the small things that make Cake Palace efficient and energetic. They start by adding a sales till in the wholesale shop (in order to sell faster), then they purchase some raw materials for production, and they supply cakes to nearby shops. I hope that during their presence, we build some permanent features that will make Cake Palace easily manageable by my parents alone.

I expect Lovemore to work for Cake Place for more than 6 months, Since he is in his gap year. As such, I will show him how I have been coordinating the sales at the retail shop, and what he should be aiming to make the shop better. Generally, he is industrious and artful, thus, I expect him to make the services of the retail shop very efficient and loved by customers.


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