Day 12: Transportation Challenge

A car is a necessity for most small scale businesses in Lilongwe. Similarly for Cake Palace, it is high time that we had enough cars to help us purchase raw materials, deliver baked products, and deliver workers in their respective homes. In addition, a car shall hasten some of our tasks. Unfortunately, we don’t have one.

The most important function of a car that we lack is freedom of purchasing whatever we want at any time we want. Currently, for Cake Palace to purchase raw materials, like 50 kg bags of flour, we have to hire a private 6-tone vehicle for MK 4,000 ($7 USD) per trip. Furthermore, we have to spend some time for the vehicle to be available for us. With our own vehicle, however, we would save a lot of time and money.

In addition, availability of a van will allow Cake Palace to start distributing some of its products to areas that are far from town. Distributing products, as a means of customer care, makes many small scale shop-owners patronize our products and services.

Last, but not least, we need a car that can be used to transport some of the Cake place staff to their homes. Cake Palace starts working at 5 am and closes at 7:30 pm. Whether morning or evening , both times are dangerous for one to walk home and back. Thus, we need a small van that can be used to transport our staff.

Bit by bit, all of us, as Cake Place believe that we are heard towards that solution…vehicles

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