Day 11: Progress of the new Shop

The new shop has had great positive impact to the daily operation of Cake Palace. Before the new shop was introduced, retail and wholesale customers were served at one till. Unfortunately, retail and wholesale customers have a lot of differences in their motives.

Usually, the wholesale customers are ready to wait for 30 minutes or hour for the products to be ready. On the other hand, the retail customers are rushing. Secondly, wholesale customers deal with a lot of money, while retail customers usually want only one product. Further, wholesale customers don’t need much variety, but abundant availability of specific products, while, retail customers need a lot of variety and aesthetic packaging of products. Thus, mixing retail transactions with wholesale customers causes a lot of inconvenience to the retail customers, as wholesale contributes to low aesthetic packaging and slow transactions.

To solve this scenario, we opened a retail confectionery (Much about the extension of the building is stated in Day 1). To avoid the wholesale customers from the new shop, we set all products at higher prices than those in the wholesale shop. For instance, a doughnut at wholesale costs MK 100 ($ 0.14 USD), while a doughnut at retail costs MK 150 ($ 0.21 USD). Another difference is that wholesale shop sells commodities in units, while the retail shop sells one by one product.

After opening the shop, however, customers started express most of their needs. Some of them demands were that we should start selling common groceries, like peanut butter, Margarine, Sugar, et c. Just to give it a try, we stocked our new shop with other groceries.

One more service that the new shop provides is Ginger tea. Our customers enjoy hot ginger tea, with a wide range of confectioneries to take with. Furthermore, there is a sitting spot for those eating at our new shop.

I hope that this shop shall be able to also start selling take-away chips and chicken.

We stocked the retail shop with groceries. Furthermore, we are also doing relatively small scale production for a variety of confectionery. Including Samosa! 

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