Day 10: Daily Routine before Cake Palace Opens

I don’t know what time he wakes up. But I remember seeing his phone alarm to be at 3:00 am. Anyway, all I know begins around 4:30 am.

He wakes me up before 4:30 am  (apart from Sunday). I try to save time by cleaning my face and brushing my teeth fast. Five minutes, we get out of the gate, as the winds of June and July hit hard into the ribs (June and July are winter months in Malawi). We then walk 100 yards, to get to a mini-bus station. Usually, it takes only seconds before we get a mini-bus, and 10 minutes later, we have arrived at Cake Palace. Cake Palace is just 50 yards from where the mini-bus drops us.

The morning is still dark when we arrive. Hurriedly, we take a short walk towards the shop. There, We find more than 20 people waiting while they shiver in the cold. They are always arguing about who is supposed to be the first on the queue. They are all hurrying to get the first products of the day. And some will be travelling more than 20 km away to sell their products.

As they excitedly greet us, my father starts unlocking the big locks hanging on the door. As soon as his done, he swings the doors outward, to let the haste men fight through the door. Immediately, I walk fast to the office to change my attire into ‘Chef Masa’ attire.

And just like that, Cake Palace has opened.

DSC_0108‘Chef Masa’ in his attire

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