Day 9: Bringing Internet to Cake Palace

Cake Palace needs to take advantage of advancing technology to create easy management.


During my last two months of summer vacation, my goal is computerize most management tasks . The first task to accomplish using internet is going to be security. Very soon, we are going to install CCTV system in the whole bakery. And, it shall be monitored by rightful personnel from anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, Cake Palace has started dealing with well established suppliers of raw materials. For example, recently, we’ve started buying margarine and cooking oil from one specific supplier. What has taken my attention is how Cake Palace is doing financials transactions with the recent supplier. What happens is, we deposit money in their account, and then send them a picture of a deposit slip through whatsapp whenever we want to purchase raw materials. Then they deliver the raw materials the next day.

However, if Cake Palace had readily available internet, we would have created an online bank account. This could allow us to purchase the raw materials right from the bakery (no queuing in the bank, and no bank’s limited working hours).

In addition, full time availability of internet means growth in communication. The further we grow, the more we will realize that internet communication is one of the basic needs for the operation of the bakery. In fact, we are already using internet to monitor the sales of the retail shop, and to communicate among ourselves.

To bring all dreams of internet to reality, I had to check how much it would cost for us to fix a router. I visited Global Malawi Internet Ltd. They said that a router costs MK 60,000 ($ 83.33 USD). And a basic subscription costs MK 37,500 ($52.08 USD) per month (12 GB, and unlimited access between 7 pm and 6 am).

I hope will have it soon.

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