Day 7: ’30 minutes of Reflection Per Day’ Starts Today!

On Saturday, Cake Palace’s last working day, we wrap up the activities of a week. One of the major topics we covered was how we could maximize our corporation as a family members. By consensus, we realized that we needed an opportunity of communication. Thus, we have created a 30-minute Reflection Period, from 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm. During this time, we’ll be sharing ideas on what, when, and how to rectify anything.

Furthermore, this period will help us balance the sales of a day. If we learn to calculate the sales of the day, we’ll have a clear picture of the revenue margin we make per day. That way, we will easily be able to detect money laundry based on abnormal features of the records.

Overtime, a year probably, I hope that we shall be issuing receipts for every monetary transaction. Gradually, stocktaking shall be easy to calculate, and reflection period shall be easier to proccess.

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