Day 3: New Shop, New Products

Cake Palace successfully increased space. So far, production site has enough space, and the shop is spacious enough to accommodate up to 15 customers at once. We are also taking advantage of the big space to solve the recent conflict between wholesaling and retailing.

Just to summarize about the recent wholesale-retail conflict;

Cake Palace has joined some of the biggest suppliers of doughnuts in the town of Lilongwe. Some of the biggest buyers are hawkers (vendors). Apart from doughnuts, Cake Palace sells many other products at wholesale. Some of them include sultan, Obama buns, triangles, fortune cakes, bread, and milk scorns. It is great news that wholesale is growing unceasingly, but its growth has negatively affected Cake Palace’s retail abilities. Based on our vision on retailing, cake palace should serve some of the best confection, fast foods, and ginger tea. However, it is impossible in our wholesale shop because the shop is usually full of noisy hawkers that are waiting for the doughnuts.

My presence has created a larger work force. Thus, we have created a new shop, as a retail outlet, close to the wholesale shop. Currently, I am the sales person in the retail shop. Though it is the first day of operation, we created 5 new products! And they sold like hot cake.

In the near future, I hope that we will add few groceries, fries, pieces of chicken, and samosa in the new shop.

Finally, on today’s accomplishments, I had a great conversation with my old great friend, Johnson. He finished his secondary school in 2012, and since then, he has never been in a ‘classroom’. However, he has become a very successful young man. He sells soya beans to soya-meat manufacturing companies, and distributes the manufactured soya pieces to villages. In Malawi kwacha, he is a millionaire.

We were discussing on what made him successful as a businessman. He advised me to avoid fixed bank accounts. He said that I should believe in continuous circulation of money. Secondly, he advised me to not force myself in a family business. When I feel that I could be productive when I am alone, I should be quick to be independent. However, for me, I feel that a family business is better for me, and for all Mwamboes, for now.

Enjoy photos below:new shopnew shop






Milkscorn_in_fridgeIn front of soft drinks: a fortune cake and a milk scorn


hawker baga well packed bag of Cake Palace products belonging to a hawker

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